About the chef

About the chef


Tarek Alali


The exotic most-talked about Chef Tarek Alali is taking the Hong Kong dining scene by storm. Bringing his strong childhood influences from his hometown Jordan, Amman he has extensive knowledge of great produce, middle-eastern spices and elaborate cooking methods.

Tarek began his culinary journey at the age of 15 stepping into the action in his Uncle’s local diner, it was no surprise he had talent coming from a large family of cooking geniuses. He found his skills lay in vegetarian cuisines as Tarek continuously studied vegetarian culinary, veganism and wellness. Chef Tarek is well-experienced in ingredients hence he selects the right ingredients that shine each season which are free of chemicals, hormone-free & prepped at the start of each service with the utmost care in order to bring about natural flavors to each dish.

Would you believe that Tarek came to Hong Kong as a DJ and fell in love with the ever-changing dining scene. Tarek started his first restaurant called Al Petra in 2003 at the bustling Tsim Sha Tsui district which combined fresh ingredients with traditional Middle-Eastern food. Chef Tarek Alali gained a strong following of fans and after a starting a family and going on hiatus, he finally came back to the F&B industry.

Chef Tarek has soaked up decades of culinary excellence that has eventually led to his passion at Wild Thyme which features middle-eastern and mediterranean cuisine with a personality!

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